School Board


Meadow Springs School Board


The Meadow Springs School Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of ensuring our schools engage in activities that are in the best interests of our school community. The School Board plays a major role in the accountability of our schools and represents the values and aspirations of our school community. Through the strong leadership and support of the Board, our Schools work towards enhancing the educational opportunities of our students. Members also work alongside the school administration team to provide governance and support the strategic direction of both schools.

School Board membership consists of our school Principal’s, Manager Corporate Service staff, parents and community representatives. Elections for parent and community representative positions are held annually.

The functions of the Board are as provided in Section 128 of the School Education Act 1999 and include:

  • A focus on improving learning outcomes for all students
  • A shared vision and a plan reflecting the broad values of the school community
  • Active involvement in endorsing the School’s Delivery and Performance Agreement, Budget, Business Plan and Annual Report
  • Monitoring progress towards the achievement of goals
  • Promoting meaningful parent and community participation and actively seeking the views of its school community
  • Determining student codes of conduct
  • Determining the student dress code
  • Deciding on issues related to charges and contributions, extra cost options, advertising and sponsorship.
  • An advocacy role to enhance the operations of our schools.

The board continues to self-review its operations to identify ways of making itself more visible, accountable and inclusive to the school community.

If you wish to contact our school board, please do so via email at and attention it to the School Board Chair.