Positive Behaviour School

Meadow Springs ESC started our PBS journey in late 2017. PBS stands for Positive Behaviour Support. It is a way of helping our students to learn positive school behaviours by explicit teaching and staff modelling teamed with positive reinforcement. Our PBS goal is to help our students understand what is expected of them when they enter each and every context at school; whether it is the classroom, assembly, the library or even the toilet! This process is driven by our dedicated PBS Team consisting of Education Assistants, Teachers, Administration Staff and our School Psychologist.

At Meadow Springs ESC our school-wide expectations are:

I am Safe

I am Respectful

I Try My Best


We teach and model to the students what being safe, being respectful and trying your best looks like in all of the areas of our school. When we catch students being safe, respectful or trying their best they are awarded a PBS tokens which links to the school’s reward system, which is constantly evolving to suit our students!