Hai. Selamat datang di halaman LOTE. Saya Pak. Rikh, guru Bahasa Indonesia di Sekolah Dasar Meadow Springs Primary School.

Hi. Welcome to the LOTE (Languages other than English) page. I am Pak. Rikh, specialist Indonesian Language teacher at Meadow Springs Primary School.

Research has shown that learning another language can:

  • Stimulate brain development
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Enhance Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Improve overall performance in school
  • Encourage respect and facilitate cultural awareness

Reasons to study Bahasa Indonesia:

  • One of the easiest second language to learn
  • Forming and maintaining new relationships
  • Opens the door to a rich, fascinating and intriguing culture
  • Better means of communication during travel to Indonesia

Interesting facts about Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Apart from Britain, Indonesia was also a Dutch colony. During the period under the Dutch, the Latin alphabet was used for written texts. Dutch spellings were implemented.
  • Bahasa Indonesia was standardised after the Independence Movement in the 1930s
  • President Suharto made an official set of changes to the Bahasa Indonesia spelling system in 1972
  • Bahasa Indonesia is enriched by loan words from different languages such as Austronesian languages, Sanskrit, Tamil, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and European languages such as Portuguese, Dutch, Greek , Latin and French.
  • Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by over 230 million people in the Indonesian archipelago and is the ninth most commonly spoken language in the world

The specialist LOTE Indonesian program at Meadow Springs Primary School provides all Year 1 to 6 students with the opportunity to attend a languages session each week in a well-resourced classroom. Students participate in a learning program which supports their acquisition of the Indonesian Language through speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. This is further reinforced through the use of the KETAWA Indonesian program, a comprehensive language learning program offering resources and lessons which are aligned to the Western Australian Languages Curriculum.