Health and Wellbeing

At Meadow Springs PS, we have a range of school approaches that promote Health and Wellbeing in our students. We have a strong virtue program that runs throughout the year, with a Virtue certificate being awarded to a student in each class every fortnight.

Meadow Springs PS became a SDERA (School Drug Education and Road Aware) Chat school in 2014. Since then we have achieved our Bronze and Silver CHAT targets and we are currently working towards our Gold targets. SDERA supports Resilience, Drug and Road Education of all students from Kindy to year 6.

Alongside SDERA we run the You Can Do It and Protective Behaviours program, we also focus on teaching Lifestyle Choices and Growth and Development in all year levels.

You Can Do It (YCDI) provides a nurturing and empowering range of initiatives across our school community. This is a school-home collaborative approach to promoting the social-emotional well-being and achievement of all children.

Meadow Springs Primary School has successfully embedded YCDI’s mission to strengthen the five social and emotional skills and values (the “5 Keys”) which all children need to manage their own learning, behaviour and emotional well-being including: Confidence (work, social), Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience. YCDI emphasises the importance of teaching children different “Ways of Thinking” that help them to develop in each of these five areas. It teaches them how to identify their success and how they link to the “5 Keys”.

This fun and engaging program uses characters in the Early Childhood and Junior classes to assist them in building a connection and understanding of each of the “5 Keys” to success.


Getting Along: Gabby and Gary

Persistence: Pete and Penny

Organisation: Oscar and Olivia

Confidence: Connie and Charlie

Resilience: Ricky and Rosie

Meadow Springs PS is both a Crunch N Sip and SunSmart school. We take part in the Big Veggie Crunch and a have a visit from Sid the SunSmart Seagull each year. We also have regular incursions from Constable Care and St Johns.

To promote and build relationships amongst our students we run buddy classes between our junior and senior students. Our senior students support and mentor our junior with a focus is on student health and wellbeing.