Science at Meadow Springs is fun! Our programmes cater for diverse interests, abilities and needs. We achieve this through STEM activities which provide opportunities for students to collaborate, create and celebrate their successes. We have a Science Club which runs once a week and is made up of enthusiastic students who proudly wear their Science Club badge on their uniform. During this time we are involved with our animals, construct structures and take on STEM challenges.

Every student at Meadow Springs attends a sixty-minute lesson once a week with a specialist teacher. Most importantly our Science Programme covers the West Australian Curriculum through hands on activities and explicit teaching to enhance the students’ skills and knowledge. We assist our students recognise the importance of Science in their lives and many have dreams of pursuing a career in Science long after their time at Meadow Springs has come to an end.

Each year we celebrate Science Week in August and everyone in the school community is involved in this event. Each class contributes work they have achieved through STEM activities during class lessons and create a colourful and innovative display to show off their work.

Our science programme includes excursions to places like the Perth Zoological Gardens and AQWA, during the term we study Biology, and incursions demonstrating the wonderful world of Chemistry.

Our science room is a hive of activity caring for several animals. The students get the opportunity to learn how to care for these animals and handle them with respect and love. Such an experience is vital for many students who never get a chance to handle an animal. These animals provide a healing and confidence boosting experience for many students.