Science at Meadow Springs Primary School is an opportunity to enhance our students 21st Century skillsets through an inquiry approach to learning.
Our Science lessons are hands-on investigations and activities where students discover, explore, and practise science, building upon the student’s existing knowledge.

At Meadow Springs Primary School, we explore a child’s inherent creativity and curiosity for their world enhancing their understanding, appreciation, and passion for science. Our Science program places an emphasis on making links between Science and the real world, with various partnerships with science professionals including the CSIRO.

We seek opportunities to inspire our students and encourage them to look to the modern world for solutions and use technology to enhance their collection of data to become proficient junior scientists. Our students develop an understanding of the important concepts and practises used to develop scientific knowledge and the role science plays in their lives.

2022 looks to be an exciting year with new opportunities and partnerships in the making and a learning environment that will encourage and support a greater level of academic independence and a passion for knowledge.