Health & Wellbeing and Sustainability

All K-6 students at Meadow Springs Education Support Centre have opportunity to engage in our best practice, whole school Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability curriculum programmes: mandated Protective Behaviours; School Drug Education Road Aware (SDERA); You Can Do It; Sustainability.

Through the use of a variety of teaching strategies, including but not limited to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Explicit Teaching (I do, We do, You do) and play-based learning with high quality, hands-on resources, Meadow Springs Education Support Centre students work towards making progress on their semester Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals across our  Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability curriculum priorities during the daily timetabled Health and Wellbeing block.

Students actively learn life-long sustainable practices and recreation skills through Meadow Springs Education Support Centre’s authentically integrated Sustainable Enterprise Projects in the purpose built Sustainability Garden and Outdoor Classroom.

Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability at Meadow Springs Education Support Centre is an essential vehicle to support our students to reach their potential and grow into resilient, confident, active, informed individuals.